Our process


Where do we start?

It all starts with your ideas! When you reach out to us you'll chat with one of our sales associates to gather basic information on your business, location and goals. Once we've gotten to know you, we'll schedule a site survey and a free consultation. 

Initial Site Survey & Consultation

We come to you to take photos and measurements of your business to determine how we can best turn your ideas into reality. Our initial survey allows us to see what your options are and start a baseline for fabrication and pricing, as well as any permits or inspections that could be needed.

Design & Proposal

Once we've figured out which options could best work for you, our designer will put together visual renderings using the pictures we took during the Initial Site Survey, and draft a written proposal. Our detailed proposals include everything you need to know to begin your project, including product sizes, materials, necessary permits and cost.  

Technical Survey

After the proposal has been signed we'll re-visit your business to verify all measurements and make sure that the proposed signage meets local regulations and codes. If you decide to utilize our Permitting Services we'll obtain the necessary permits and make sure every detail is ironed out before starting production. 


With all of the designs and measurements verified and any necessary permits obtained, our skilled mechanics will fabricate your products using the best possible techniques and technology available. All of our products are made on-site and our mechanics have decades of fabrication experience.


Installation is when you finally get to see your ideas and products come to life! Whether we made your sign or you obtained it elsewhere, our experienced install team will reach new heights to put up your signs, lighting or wall graphics. 

Service & Repairs

While we proudly stand by our work and our products, life happens and at some point you may need maintenance or repairs done on your signs or lighting. We're here to help when that happens! No matter where your signs came from, if you need a repair we'll have you up and running again in no time.